District 8 Board of Directors ACBL Board Member

District 8 Board of Directors

The District 8 Board meets three times a year at District regionals to conduct business, plan tournaments and sponsor programs that benefit our members. Their work includes:

  Overseeing our four annual regional tournaments:
   Champaign IL -- last week of May (ending on Memorial Day)
   Crystal Lake IL & Effingham IL or Paducah KY (split) -- third week of June
   St. Louis MO -- third week of August
   Fort Wayne IN
-- third week of September

  Sponsoring District-wide events:
   Grand National Teams -- first weekend in May (last weekend in April if April 30 is a Saturday)
   North American Pairs -- second weekend in November
   Sectional-at-Clubs weeks -- first week of February and first week of November
   Charity Week -- held at local clubs during the first week of October

  Funding travel awards to members who represent District 8 in the national finals of the Grand National Teams and North American Pairs.

  Keeping members informed through the District 8 Online web site and our bimonthly online newsletter, the District 8 Advocate.

  Carrying out bridge promotions, charitable activities, education programs and membership recruitment and retention efforts.

The Board is made up of three officers, fifteen Unit representatives (three from each of District 8's five Units) and appointees with specialized responsibilities. Click here for minutes from recent Board meetings.

If you have questions or suggestions about bridge in District 8, contact an officer or one of your Unit's representatives. Below is a list of Board members and appointees and their email addresses.


Martha Leary, Urbana IL

Mike Carmen, St. Louis

Debbie Avery, Champaign IL


St. Louis

Unit 143

Mike Carmen, St. Louis

Linda Seibert, Olivette MO

Debbie Romero, Clarkson Valley MO


Unit 154

Kim Grant, Fort Wayne IN

Marci Meyer
, Long Beach IN

Gary Chaney, Woodburn IN


Unit 208

Ron Sholes
, Springfield IL

Carole Sholes
, Springfield IL

Martha Leary, Urbana IL


Unit 223

Jay Coleman, Hutsonville IL

Karen Coe, Ewing IL

Ron Brotherson, Paducah KY

Unit 239

Marilyn Croft, St. Charles IL

John Pree, St.Charles IL

Ardythe Edwards, Huntley IL

chairs &

ACBL Board Member
Grand Natl. Teams Coordinator
Georgia Heth, Morton IL

Milton Zlatic, St. Louis MO

Appellate Chair
 Hugh Williams, Carbondale IL


Tournament Coordinator
Rick Beye, St. Louis MO

I/N & Education Liaison
Christopher Shaw, Carlinville IL

Advocate & web editor
Karen Walker, Champaign IL


Board of Governors delegates

Gary Chaney, Woodburn IN

Liz Zalar, Springfield IL

Neil Whittle, Carol Stream IL

Special Event Coordinators

North American Pairs:  Martha Leary

Grand National Teams: Georgia Heth

Sectional at Clubs: Scott Davis