National Champions from District 8, American Contract Bridge League

 Open North American Championships  (no masterpoint limits)

David Carter, St. Louis

1st:  Men's Teams (1950)
    Life Master Pairs (1954)
    Men's Pairs (1957)

2nd:  Spingold Teams (1953, 54 & 62)
    Open Pairs (1946, 53 & 54)
    Men's Pairs (1960)

Winner of the 1954 McKenney Trophy

Inventor of Two-Way Stayman and Texas Transfer conventions

Larry Kolker (photo),
Jerry & Carolyn Levitt

Garrett Nash

George deRuntz, St. Louis MO

1st:  Vanderbilt Teams (1962)


Lynne Feldman (left), Champaign IL

1st:  Whitehead Women's Pairs (2008)
   Master Mixed Teams (1979)
   Women's Swiss Teams (1986)
   Women's Board-a-Match Teams (1988)

2nd:  Women's KO Teams (1985)
   Women's Board-a-Match Teams (1987 & 94)

Chris Benson (right), LeRoy IL

   1st: Whitehead Women's Pairs (2008)

   Attained rank of Grand Life Master in 2009.

Bob Carteaux, Fort Wayne IN

1st:  Senior KO Teams (1997)

Attained rank of Grand Life Master in 2006.

Tom Kniest, St. Louis &
Karen Walker,
Champaign IL

1st:  Rockwell Mixed Pairs (2006)
   Rockwell Mixed Pairs (2009)

2nd:  Life Master Pairs (1986)
  Mixed Board-a-Match Teams (1995)
  North American Open Pairs (1999)

Kniest also won the Fast Pairs (2012) and placed 2nd in the Silver Ribbon Senior Pairs (2010). He attained the rank of Grand Life Master in 2011.

Roger Lord &
Alan Popkin,
St. Louis MO

1st:  Silver Ribbon Senior Pairs (2002)

Lord attained the rank of Grand Life Master in 2013.

 Other NABC Championships  (events with restricted masterpoint limits)

Will Engel, Freeport IL &
Jim Melville,
Springfield IL

1st:  Mini-Spingold 0-5000 Teams (2006)

2nd:  0-5000 Life Master Pairs (2005)

Chris Patrias, St. Louis

1st:  National Senior/Advanced Senior Master Pairs (1972)


Thomas O'Reilly-Pol
Sandy Bigg
Debbie Romero
Jonathan Goldberg,
St. Louis

 1st:  Flight C Grand National Teams (2008)



 College & Junior Championships

Justin Graver, Dennis Carney, Brian Blackmore & Michael Steigmann (University of Illinois, Champaign)

1st:  North American College Team Championship (1988)

Steigmann also won the 1994 college championship playing for Harvard University.


Jason Feldman, Champaign IL

1st:  World Junior Team Championships (2006)



Peter Yeh, Yewen Fan, Ziyang Liu & Brad Sevcik (University of Illinois, Champaign)

1st:  North American Collegiate Bridge Bowl (Washington DC, 2016)

Bob Ewen & Darrell Penrod, University of Illinois (Champaign)

    1st:  North American College Pairs (1963)


Bill Doroshow & Rob Portnoy, Washington University (St. Louis)
    2nd: Intercollegiate Bridge Championships (1977)