Bridge Education

District 8 is committed to furthering our game through education and recruiting programs directed to players of all ages. Education Coordinator for District 8 is Christopher Shaw Jr. of Carlinville. Chris works with bridge teachers and schools throughout the District to set up lesson programs, qualify for grants and publicize our successes.

Chris is also involved in bridge-education research. In 2006, he completed a study that found that children who play bridge perform significantly better on standardized tests than their non-bridge-playing counterparts. The bridge-playing students showed an increase in scores across all five core subject areas, with an astounding 39.11% increase in science. According to Chris, learning bridge has such a dramatic effect on test scores because the game develops inferential reasoning skills, which are otherwise difficult to teach to elementary students. A summary of his report is here.

Some of the current teaching programs in District 8 communities include:

Chris is available to answer questions, provide lesson materials and assist teachers with all other aspects of organizing lessons and workshops. Contact him at Below are links to web sites that offer teaching materials, tips and for bridge teachers.

Resources for bridge teachers
ACBL Teachers page -- newsletter, handbooks, complete lesson plans for several different courses
ACBL Teaching materials -- course outlines, teacher manuals and handouts
ACBL School Bridge Program -- resources for teaching youth and setting up school lessons
American Bridge Teachers Association
WBF Teachers Program -- complete outline and lesson materials
Kitty Cooper -- lesson material for teaching in schools, minibridge
Karen's Bridge Library -- bidding summaries and handouts
Fifth Chair -- archive of articles and handouts
Mastering Bridge -- articles and resources for teachers from Masterpoint Press
Discover the Fun & Challenge of Duplicate Bridge -- online booklet for new-to-duplicate players
Mini-Lesson materials:
    EasyBridge "soundbites"
    NABC Celebrity Speaker handouts
    Palm Springs Bridge Club lessons
    Richmond Bridge Club handouts