District 8 Appointees to National Committees


ACBL Goodwill Committee

ACBL Charity Committee

1967 Mrs. Colin Lee, St. Louis MO
Elmer Novak, Salem IL
Eleanor Crounse, Paducah KY
W. H. Ebersole, Kokomo IN
1968 Anne Ghiglieri, Peoria IL
Dr. D. M. Weber, Michigan City IN
Mrs. M. C. Ballard, Belleville IL
Lloyd King, South Bend IN
1969 Mrs. Milton Livingston, Paducah KY
Roland Nelson, Bloomington IL
Dorothy Krahl, St. Louis MO
Wayne Gray, Decatur IL
1970 Grace Grant, Columbia City IN
Max Kramer, St. Louis MO
Mrs. A. W. Bree, Lincoln IL
Harry Denzel, Carbondale IL
1971 Bev Nelson, Rockford IL
M. C. Ballard, Belleville IL
Doris McAnulty, St. Louis MO
John Tryon, Fort Wayne IN
1972 Sandy Roberts, Springfield IL
Charles H. Zolla, Gary IN
Mrs. James Schaedel, Macomb IL
Wayne Morris, Mt. Carmel IL
1973 Ann Weinman, St. Louis MO
Fran Carlson, Washington IL
Mrs. James Schaedel, Macomb IL
Ron Henbest, Rockford IL
1974 Mrs. Hardy Roberts, Paducah KY
Jerry Levitt, St. Louis MO
Maryella Gerard, Warsaw IN
Richard Edwards Sr., St. Louis MO
1975 Mrs. Roy Dalziel, Rockford IL
C.B. Kauff, Huntington IN
Mrs. William Feiler, Paducah KY
Neal Mosely, Champaign IL
1976 Sylvia Cohn, Decatur IL
Dickson Stauffer, Kirkwood MO
Mrs. Roy Dalziel, Rockford IL
Dr. Al Stenner, St. Louis MO
1977 Jo Echols, Paducah KY
Ron Henbest, Rockford IL
Ray Gilbert, Fort Wayne IN
Gwyn Dickerson, Peoria IL
1978 Dorothy Kane, Columbia MO
Robert Rasor, Warsaw IN
Ruth Novak, Salem IL
Shirley Bartol, Warsaw IN
1979 Richard Edwards Sr., Oakland MO
Mrs. R. Petterson, Crown Point IN
Margaret DeMent, Hutsonville IL
Mrs. Jerry Schildroth, Warsaw IN
1980 Betty Bloom, Glen Carbon IL
Rev. W. A. Botzum, Notre Dame IN
Bill Laven, Rockford IL
Phyllis Rahn, Dunlap IL
1981 Mrs. Robert Rasor, Warsaw IN
Gerry Schneider, Chesterfield MO
Margaret Ryan, East Peoria IL
Herman Bud, Beverly Shores IN


Jim Roberts, Springfield IL
Mary Louise Moore, Mt. Vernon IL
Robert Lutz, Wabash IN
Bonnie Pacetti, Elgin IL


Bob Atkinson, St. Louis MO
Betty Shulke, Decatur IL
Mayme Lawrence, Springfield IL
Carolyn Buechler, South Bend IN
Sylvia Lowry, Springfield IL


Myron Blotkey, Chesterfield MO
Norinne Anderson, Peoria IL
Betsy Laven, Rockford IL
Tom Fenton, Lebanon IL
Grace Grant, Griffith IN


Roberta Brundage, St. Louis MO
Lee Brooks, Decatur IL
Lorene Houk, Fort Wayne IN
Mary Beach, Paducah KY
Gena Hartlieb, Rockford IL


Kay Weinbeck, Peoria IL
Hank Parker, South Bend IN
Paul Mercurio, Maryland Heights MO
Lynn Decker, Bartonville IL


Virginia Crenshaw, Gilbertsville KY
Colby Vernay, Lacon IL
Pearl Harris, Towanda IL
Richard Garab, Fort Wayne IN


Joyce McEldowney, Peoria IL
Mrs. Hank Parker, South Bend IN
Annabelle Stainbeck, Kuttawa KY
Mary Adrignola, St. Louis MO


Eleanor Crounse, Paducah KY
Bill Searcy, Elkhart IN
Joyce Fetterer, Hobart IN
Homer Shoop, N. Webster IN


Fr. Jerome Sommer, St. Louis MO
Mary Louise Moore, Mt. Vernon IL
Judy Cotterman, Kokomo IN
Sharad Chitgopekar, Bloomington IL


Mike Carmen, St. Louis MO
Helen Kavanaugh, Fort Wayne IN
Georgia Heth, Morton IL
Maxi Fitzjarrald, Arthur IL
Patricia Bolz, Rockford IL


Bob Carteaux, Ft. Wayne IN
Gail Janssen, St. Louis MO
Mardel Heth, Morton IL
Frank Yoder, Fort Wayne IN


Larry Kolker, St. Louis MO
Mark Boswell, Rockford IL
Lloyd Johnson, Elkhart IN
Dr. Warren Tatting, Peoria IL
Jacqueline Tatting, Peoria IL


Richard Ellis, Kokomo IN
Glenn Smith, St. Louis MO
James Harris, South Bend IN
John Burgener, Noble IL
Suzanne Dunn, Crystal Lake IL


Carol Mahoney, Kokomo IN
Mary Lu Weyerich, Frontenac MO


National Goodwill Member of the Year:
Mayme Lawrence, Springfield IL


James Pelletier, Fort Wayne IN
Linda Powers, Chesterfield MO
Ervin Pazdera, St. Louis MO


Vacant Vacant


Leah Newell, Springfield IL Vacant


Helen Thalhammer, St. Louis MO
Tom Oppenheimer, Ballwin MO
John Burgener, Noble IL


Vacant Vacant


Vacant Vacant


Deborah Avery, Champaign IL
Martha Leary, Urbana IL
Bruce Gardner, Paducah KY
Karen Walker, Champaign IL


Mike Tomlianovich, Bloomington IL
David Cotterman, Kokomo IN
Bob Carteaux, Fort Wayne IN
Thelma Cheneler, Peoria IL


Elizabeth Zalar, Springfield IL
Donna Coker, Ballwin MO
Elizabeth Percich, St. Louis MO
Andrew Carver, Edwardsville IL
Special: Marion Baird, Naples FL
Mike Tomlianovich, Bloomington IL
Mike Carmen, St. Louis MO


Frieda Thomas, Elgin IL Glenn Overby, Tilton IL
Charles Ries, St. Louis MO