Best of Bridge Websites

Quizzes, puzzles & practice

Bridge Clues -- daily quizzes from Mike Lawrence
Bridge puzzles & quizzes -- Richard Pavlicek

Double Dummy Corner -- declarer-play problems from Hugh Darwen

The Bridge World puzzles & mysteries

Wednesday Game -- hand analyses & daily quizzes
Beginner puzzles

Bridge Base Play Bridge -- Play a set of four hands against the robots

Bidding Quest -- online bidding practice and downloadable software

Bridge newsgroups & discussions


Bridgebase Online discussion forum newsgroup -- Google Groups interface

Bridge Talk Forum

Bridge magazines & newsletters (with online content)

District 8 Advocate

The Bridge World

ACBL Bridge Bulletin -- links to selected features and index of past issues
Kibitzer newsletter -- Chicago Contract Bridge Association
Kibitzer newsletter -- Toronto ON
Post-Mortem -- New York Bridge Association
New Zealand Bridge

Bridge blogs

The Old Prof -- Jeff Miller, Chicago IL

Just Sayin' -- bridge and poker from Dave Smith, Memphis TN

Adam Wildavsky's Bridge Blog

JLW's Bridge Blog -- Jonathan Weinstein
Squeezing the Dummy -- Justin Lall, Plano TX
Poorbridge -- New Zealand
Gerben's Bridge Blog -- Gerben Dirksen, Tübingen, Germany
Views from the Bridge Table -- Ulf Nilsson, Sweden
Free at the Bridge Table -- Frederick Staelens, Belgium
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- Jonathan Ferguson
Bridgepro -- Gavin Wolpert, Toronto ON
Korbel Bridge Adventures -- Susie & Dan Korbel, Waterloo ON
Bridge Matters -- system discussions from Glen Ashton
Bridge Review -- hands and tips for intermediate-level players
Bridgehands -- interviews, lessons and tips for beginner & intermediate-level players
More links to bridge blogs -- from

Bridge columns

Philip Alder

Frank Stewart

New York Times

Times of London

Richard Pavlicek -- 1988-89 archive

ACBL: Bridge Hand of the Week

Bridgesnaps -- tips, quotes and humor

Bridge writers

Larry Cohen -- books, articles, software
Mike Lawrence -- books, articles, software
Phillip Alder  -- bridge columns, bookstore, links
Danny Kleinman -- articles and a Deal of the Week feature
Eddie Kantar  -- hooks, lessons, quizzes, travel
Richard Pavlicek  -- quizzes and articles
Fred Gitelman -- tournament reports, bidding & cardplay
Audrey Grant  -- articles, quizzes, training, cruises

Karen Walker -- online archive of Bulletin articles
Ron Klinger 
Matt Granovetter
Aleksander Wagner  -- stories of hands played

For beginners

Learn to Play Bridge I & II -- free software for beginners from the American Contract Bridge League
Richard Pavlicek's Beginner Lesson -- an excellent overview for beginners, with full text of Pavlicek's Bridge Basics textbook
ACBL learning area -- introduction to play, scoring, duplicate bridge

Beginner Bridge Blog.-- articles and tips from Masterpoint Press.

Bridge World Magazine Learning Center -- detailed articles on the basics

Bridge Today Beginner Lesson -- an interactive introduction to the basics

Fifth Chair -- lessons, tutorials and quizzes on beginner topics, hosted by a foundation devoted to attracting new players -- lessons, reference pages, online practice, product reviews

Discover the Fun & Challenge of Duplicate Bridge -- online booklet

Articles, conventions and instruction

ACBL: Commonly Used Conventions

The Alberta Bridge Site  -- instructional articles by Bob Crosby

Bridge Guys -- conventions & links

Bridgewinners -- expert articles, quizzes, tournament updates, convention-card editor
Bridgebum -- articles, instruction, ethics tips, interviews and bridge history by Jeff Tang
Clairebridge -- deals, systems & conventions, laws, utilities, bidding practice, psychology, other features

Bridge Today University  -- a lot of free stuff in addition to the paid subscription

Karen's Bridge Library  -- instructional articles, systems and conventions, hand writeups, introduction to duplicate booklet

Bridge 7  -- lessons, software, articles, forums

Mastering Bridge -- resources for bridge teachers

Bridge Forum International -- articles

Convention cards

ACBL: Conventional Wisdom  -- series of 24 articles on filling out the convention card

ACBL: Charts, Rules & Regulations -- convention charts, alerts, bridge laws & regulations

ACBL Convention Card -- download a PDF file and print a blank card

ACBL “Fat Free” Convention Card -- download a blank card or a completed card with a basic system

Bridgewinners -- online convention-card editor

Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC) -- download a PDF card with instructions
Standard American Rainbow Card -- from Colin Ward

ACBL Convention Card Editor by Lee Edwards -- free software for filling out, saving and printing convention cards

Merlin Vilhauer's Card Editor -- another free card editor  

Online bridge

ACBL List on Online Playing Sites
Online clubs
-- links to online clubs, tips for getting started, SAYC card & instructions  
Bridge Base Online (free) -- Play against other people, kibitz experts, practice partnership bidding
OK Bridge
Swan Games

Bridge software

The Bridge Baron
Micro Bridge
Bridge Buff
Q-plus Bridge
Oxford Bridge
BridgeBase -- wide range of teaching CDs

Link libraries

Whidco Bridge Site
Great Bridge Links
The Bridge World Links
Mose's Bridge Links


Canadian Bridge Federation
World Bridge Federation
United States Bridge Federation
Ecats bridge -- Worldwide Pairs, news and events in Europe
American Bridge Teacher's Association  -- ABTA Book of the Year awards
District 13 -- Chicago/Milwaukee area
District 11 -- Indiana/Ohio

Services and products

Bridge Bookstore -- reviews & recommendations of bridge books and gifts, with links for direct purchase from
BridgeBase software -- wide range of teaching CDs
Dealmaster Pro  -- many features for bridge teachers and club directors, including a deal generator, simulator, hand record creator -- duplicate boards, dealer software, mechanical dealers and duplicators
Really Good Deal -- dealer software
Baron Barclay -- bridge books, software, club supplies
Master Point Press -- book publisher