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Illini Regional - May 22-28
   Hawthorn Suites, Champaign IL

Split Regional -- June 18-24
   Effingham IL & Crystal Lake IL

Youth Bridge Camp -- June 24-30
   Lake Williamson, Carlinville IL

Summer NABC -- July 26 - Aug. 5
  Atlanta GA

St. Louis Regional - August 13-19
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Welcome to District 8 Online

District 8 is home to 3000 members of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). Our District  covers parts of three Midwest states and includes four ACBL Units:

    Northwestern Illinois - Unit 139 (northern third of Illinois outside Chicago metro area)

    Central Illinois - Unit 208 (central third of Illinois)

    Southern Illinois-Paducah - Unit 223 (southern third of Illinois and western tip of Kentucky)

    Greater St. Louis - Unit 143 (eastern half of Missouri)


 On to Atlanta for District 8 GNT Winners 

District 8 Grand National Teams -- April 29-30, 2018

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up in District 8's annual Grand National Team finals, held at the Community Center in Rochester IL. The winning team in each flight won a travel award from the District Board to represent District 8 in the national finals in Atlanta GA in July.

 Championship Flight

  1 - Jonathan Weinstein - Ken Bland - Tom Kniest - Ron Ashbacher, St. Louis

  2 - Debbie Avery, Champaign IL; Martha Leary, Urbana IL; Dick Ellis, Kokomo IN; Mike Carmen & Kathy Safranski, St. Louis

 Flight A  (0-6000 masterpoints)

  1 - Mark Boswell - Debbie Romero, Clarkson Valley MO; Mark Zellmer, Creve Coeur MO; Clay Cuthbertson, Quincy IL

  2 - Richard Blumenthal, Crystal Lake IL; Mike Halvorsen, Champaign IL; Tod Moses, Sid Levin & Art Seltzer, St. Louis

Flight B  (0-2500 masterpoints)

  1 - Rich Pestien - Charles Young - Alin Olaru - Patrick Moos, Peoria IL

  2 - Chuck Zalar -  Larry Richardson - Cam Barbian - Donna Barbian, Springfield IL


Flight C (Non-Life Masters under 500 pts.)

  1 - Ken Deutch - Diane Deutch - Susan Eiger - Ken Eiger, St. Louis

  2 - Judith Wagner, Belleville IL; David Stein, Carlyle IL; Vicky Stringer - Thomas Stringer, St. Louis

  3 - Linda Segebart - Christie Roszkowski - Carolyn Burrell, Champaign IL; Linda Sloat, Urbana IL